Colder than a Mother-in-Law’s Tongue

After a good night’s sleep, I awoke to bitter cold with accompanying winds up to 40 miles per hour.  Because of the cold temperatures, the heat pumps in the motorhome ran almost all night trying to keep the coach warm.  While Kay slept, I slipped into the main living area, made a cup of strong coffee, and enjoyed local Little Rock news.  I’ve been away so long that most of the stories lacked familiarity, particularly since we watch Springfield, Missouri, television stations at home.

After reading email on our phones, we had a “modified” country breakfast of hash browns, onions, peppers, chicken sausage, and egg substitute, served in a warm tortilla.  We walked a short while, but turned back because of the cold and wind.  A mid-morning, we drove to a home store to exchange a Christmas gift, looked for a bike carrier at a bike shop, and met Kay’s son, Ron, for lunch at Homer’s near the airport.  Homer’s is a longtime favorite in the Little Rock area and is known for serving home-style meats and veggies.  After lunch, we drove to Camping World, but didn’t find anything we couldn’t live without, an by then we were tired of our day on the town and returned to the campground.

I decided to install our new satellite dish and receiver.  IMGP0135It’s called a Tailgater, and in combination with a companion receiver, is supposed to provide Dish Network satellite television  After connecting the RG-6 cable to the portable satellite dish (it’s the little white cube near the electrical post) and the motorhome, I plugged in the receiver and it began the setup process.  I phoned Dish and got a very helpful young man in Mexico to authorize the account and assist in setup.  We were surprised to receive HD at no extra cost, are able to plug in an external hard drive to record programs at no extra charge and are receiving our local, i.e. Springfield, Missouri, television stations and Arkansas PBS, again at no extra cost (actually the PBS station is less than $3 month).  Our service is pay-as-you-go service and we receive satellite television as long as we pay.

The remainder of the afternoon saw us reading email, and trying to keep warm.

Kay visited her daughter, grandson, and son-in-law again tonight, but I stayed home due to a bit of a stomach virus.

We’re hoping the low temperatures tonight (about 20 degrees) doesn’t freeze any of our pipes or water connections! 

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