Idaho 2011, Day 46—Badlands National Park

Elkhorn Ridge RV Resort and Cabins was very, very nice EXCEPT their WIFI did not work; we’d rather have done without everything else, except maybe electricity, and that is a real liability for an otherwise 5 star park.
IMG_1830BDeparting about 8 AM, we traveled south and east, passing through Rapid City, SD.  Kay and her sister, Nan, began texting about their respective scenic wonders—Kay in the Black Hills and Badlands of South Dakota, and Nan having just left Arches National Park and driving towards Bryce Canyon National IMG_2561BPark.  This back-and-forth texting went on all day, but I believe Nan and George have us beat in the scenery department.  Southern Utah is incredibly beautiful.  We hope they are having the time of their life.
Despite a few sprinkles that turned into a full blown rain, we opted to depart our Point A to Point B route and IMG_2565Bdrive through Badlands National Park.  I must be the luckiest guy on earth because each time I visit these places they get more beautiful than before.  Because of the rain, and mud, we didn’t walk off of the boardwalks, but the colors seemed even more vivid than we remembered.  We stopped at the newly renovated visitor center and it was very niceIMG_2570B—last time we were by, the visitor center was in a trailer.

As we crossed the Missouri River at Chamberlain, we noted how high it was, and how high it had been.  The US Army Corps of Engineers has and will continue to take a beating on their management of the flood, just as they did at home in 2008.  Perhaps someone should look into it, because this is just a recent thing; maybe the reservoir control plans have been adjusted too much!
Further eastward, we stopped at Cabela’s in Mitchell, SD, and bought some stocking stuffers for Christmas and a T-shirt on sale for half price.  Our stop for the night is Camp America at Salem, SD.  Tomorrow, we enter Iowa for an overnight stay in Forest City, IA, home of Winnebago!!!

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