Idaho 2011, Day 34—Hebgen Lake

IMGP0090BThe gulpers at Hebgen Lake awaited.  Arriving at the access point about 9:30 AM, two vehicles were already parked.  I parked along side the turnout road, donned waders, grabbed rod, fins, and float tube, and walked down to the lake.  There were already 7 people in the area I fished yesterday, all wading.  I kicked out a couple of hundred yards, and watched and waited.  It was reminiscent of duck hunting, where hunters would wait for a flight of mallards sailing through the air, responding to the wail of the duck calls, finally helicoptering down into the decoy spread.  The fly fishers eagerly awaited the baetis hatch and the resulting gulping fish, all with rods pointed straight up, ready to cast a a second’s notice.  IMGP0089BOften times, the gulpers will establish a pattern, and the idea is to anticipate their next “gulp”, cast a fly there, and hope for a strike.  Today, there was a great hatch, and you can see some insects in the bottom of the photo, but few gulpers.  I didn’t get a fish, nor even a look, and didn’t see anyone else catch fish.  It was a short morning, and by 12 noon, most of us were off the water.

IMG_2532BWhile I was fishing, Kay walked Red Rock Road, passing by several aspen groves, watching grazing horses and cattle and a couple of peregrine falcons soaring in the almost constant breeze.  The breeze, in combination with low humidity and mild temperatures, make this an ideal climate for summer.

We’re beginning to wind down, trying to fit in all the activities available to us before we leave, as we anticipate our trip home.   We enjoyed the rest of the evening with a game of “Hand and Foot” and the last of our Sam Elliot movies, The Desperate Trail.

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