Idaho 2011, Day 12—Shhh! It’s Quiet Out Here

IMG_2088BWe’ve settled in, trying to make this our home for the rest of summer, so no significant activities outside the RV park today; just a quiet day in the neighborhood.  The slogan for the RV park is “Shhh!  It’s quiet out her.” and it really is.  We enjoyed the cool breezes, and watched 3 antelope play in the meadow just outside the park.  We did venture to Henry’s Lake for some casting practice with new friends and fellow RVers, Randy and Kathy.  Fly casting on Henry's Lake, IDThey are fly fishers and live among some great fly fishing waters in central Colorado.  They come to the Yellowstone National Park area usually in the September time frame, but came early this year because of some other commitments later in the year.  Like us, they enjoy fishing the various waters of Yellowstone, as well as the many rivers, streams, and lakes near the RV park.

Prior to dinner time, we did our 3-mile walk, and saw 3 Sandhill cranes.  Otherwise, not much going on with us.  Guess today was a day of “3s”—3 antelope, 3-mile walk, and 3 Sandhill cranes. 

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