Idaho 2011, Day 10—A Day Of Rest

We missed church last Sunday, on the road between Sydney, NE, and Lander, WY, and it seemed our week just didn’t start right.  This Sunday, we attended Community Protestant Church in West Yellowstone, MT.  Community Protestant Church is a small Presbyterian Church, but remarkably, very much like our First United Methodist Church back home, both in terms of order of service and music; the music included praise songs we have sung for years, so we felt at home.  The lay leader, a lady, gave a great introductory message about discipleship using an analogy comparing fly fishing to discipleship.  As mature Christians, discipleship is one of our most important responsibilities.  The preacher was a visiting preacher and talked about the 2nd coming of Christ, but regrettably got lost in the details about how the world was speeding up, citing statistic after statistic for over 30 minutes without ever making a point.  Humorously, at 12 noon, one of the older members in front of us began giving him the cut-off sign, drawing his finger across his throat, then looking at his watch; he repeated this for the next 15 minutes, and finally the preacher ended his sermon without a substantial conclusion.  The regular preacher returns next Sunday, and we’ll give it another try. 

Prior to leaving for church, we sautéed onions, peppers, garlic, etc. and began slow cooking a huge pot of red beans for red beans and rice later in the day.  After church, Kay cleaned the motorhome and washed clothes while I napped; no, no guilty conscience on my part.  Because Kay had been to church, she had no qualms about playing Bunko, losing $5 of our hard earned money.  At least she did meet some of the neighbors.  To end the day, we had a late dinner of red beans, rice, and Andouille sausage—um, um, good!

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