Idaho 2011, Day 4—We’re Here

IMG_1895We finally made it. Yesterday saw us traveling the least number of miles, but the most difficult driving day yet. We crossed the continental divide four times, including one pass that was almost 10,000 feet. We drove through both Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park, arriving at Red Rock RV Park about 2:00 PM. We saw places in Yellowstone National Park that were totally unfamiliar to us, even though we’ve been here several times previously. IMG_1897Also, it was quite interesting to note that we only saw a few elk, and one coyote; it’s the first time we’ve ever driven in the park and not seen a bison. Apparently the wolves are doing their job. We did notice several fly fishers plying the waters in Yellowstone, and we spotted several locations where we want to fish.

The advertisement says that it’s really quiet at Red Rock RV Park, and it really is. The small campground is 5 miles off the main highway, basically in the middle of nowhere. As is the case most of the time, we have one of the smallest RVs. After setting up I fiddled with the satellite dish for couple of hours, with no success. We will either have to make other arrangements or do without TV.

Now that were set up, and “things" are getting put in their place, it feels a bit more like home. It’s still warm here, with highs in the mid 80s. It was light until about 9:30 PM. Internet access is good but only minimal usage is allowed. Fortunately, our cell phones work and we will be able to use them for uploading photographs, etc., and downloading updates.

Regretfully, packing for this trip was not one of my proudest accomplishments; all the flies tied and purchased for this trip are still at home, only one pair of ankle socks was packed, and a card reader for one of the cameras did not come with us (we can make do on the card reader as the printer has one).

Tomorrow, we will grocery shop, do some exploring, and get even more settled in for the rest of summer.

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