Brentwood, Tennessee

Kay and I decided at the last minute to visit my brother in Brentwood, Tennessee.  For us, this is about a 7 hour drive, first through the Ozarks, then the Mississippi River floodplain, and finally the low hills of middle Tennessee. We departed on Wednesday, June 29, arriving in Brentwood at approximately 4:00 PM. We made an unexpected side trip, almost to Union City, Tennessee, missing our turn at Dyersburg, costing us about 40 minutes.  Ronnie had just finished chemotherapy treatment, but was doing well, all considered. We had a brief visit with Julie, Rick, and their children before going out for some great steaks. Our plans had been to return home on Thursday afternoon late, but we decided to stay another evening and leave early Friday morning—we’re so glad we did. Thursday evening, Ronnie and I experimented with Yahoo! Messenger, using it to do video calling. It worked amazingly well. We had a really good visit, and are so glad we made the trip. We’re looking forward to seeing them again at the Malott family reunion on or about September 2.

Next week, we have a brief trip to Little Rock, then the following week, the good Lord willing, we will be traveling to Island Park, Idaho, to escape this blasted heat. Until then…

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