Headin’ Towards Home

It’s going to be a great day today, as we’re heading towards home.

We awoke relatively early and after a cup of coffee, began final preparations for our trip. After hooking up our toad (towed vehicle), the Honda, we departed the campground at 7:20 AM. It has been a good week, but we are glad to escape all the excitement, rich Cajun foods, rain, and bad roads. The morning began with overcast skies and an increasing northwest wind. As we proceeded north we had a couple of options for stopping for the evening. One was to drive 365 miles to the US Army Corps of Engineers Park, Maumelle, in Little Rock, or continue driving just over 500 miles to home. We didn’t make the decision early on, leaving our options open. But as we got closer to home, the more we wanted to be there. As it turned out we made two fuel stops and arrived home shortly after 5 PM.  It’s so good to be home.

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