Tails and Tales

Once again, we were up too early, at least for us, to visit a crawfish farm north of Crowley.  The purpose of our trip was to tour the farm, learn about crawfish farming and rice farming, and eat lunch.  We go a true-to-life Cajun storyteller that presented an overview of crawfish and rice farming, and told story after story about his life, marriages, and hobby of collecting toy tractors and farm implements.  He constructed a building specifically for the purpose of serving Cajun food, telling stories, and showing his huge collection of farm toys; one room was devoted specifically to John Deer toys.


Lunch consisted of chicken and sausage gumbo, potato salad, and dump cake.  The gumbo was okay, the potato salad very bland, and the dump cake good.

We briefly saw a crawfish farm boat after lunch, then returned to the campground for the remainder of the day.

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