It’s A Small World

If you don’t like the weather in southern Louisiana, wait a few minutes and it will change.  Well, it hasn’t changed as it’s still raining, and we had a lot planned for today.  Our first stop was Martin’s Accordion Factory about 9 AM.  Martin’s makes the small Cajun’ accordian, more properly called melodian, so popular with Cajun’ and Zydeco musicians.  We were under the impression the tour would be a “factory” tour, but were surprised to be entertained with a 1 1/2 hour Cajun music concert, and it was awesome!  Mr. Martin played the steel guitar, his daughter played the guitar, and his grandson played the melodian and sang.  The quality of the music just blew us away.


During the course of the concert, we learned that Martin’s is a regular stop on the Elderhostel, now Roads Scholars, tour, and that’s a big deal.  Also during the concert, a couple walked into the shop for repair of a melodian, and Kay immediately recognized her as an old friend and fellow educator from Pulaski County. She joined Mr. Martin and his daughter in a couple of songs; she is very talented.  She and Kay conversed and made plans for later in the weekend.  It is truly a small world.


After the concert we had planned to go to the flea market, but the rain thankfully discouraged us.  Severe storms occurred throughout the area, and even a tornado touched down just west of us.  We departed the campground for the Saturday night Mardi Gras parade at 4:30 PM with scattered rain.  As evening approached the rain finally subsided just in time for the parade.  We were stationed near the start, and caught lots of beads.  It’s amazing what “old” people will do for beads.  Until tomorrow, let the good times roll.

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