New Roads Traveled

I spent the first 18 years of life living within 9 miles of US Highway 167, and for the next 42+ years haven’t given a thought about where it came from or where it went.  Yesterday, we turned on US Highway 167 at Batesville, like we’ve done hundreds of times before, but this time, we followed it all the way through southern Arkansas, then into central Louisiana where we departed the highway for I49.  It is a marvelous road, and is 4 lane practically all the way to Alexandria.  There was not a lot of development along the highway, particularly in Louisiana, and the surroundings were typically rural.  However, our journey was not without some excitement.  About 50 miles from our stopping point, we stopped for gasoline, and Kay opened the refrigerator door for lemonade.  The door kept opening and came completely apart from the rest of the refrigerator.  Kay was able to “stick” it back on and fasten it so it wouldn’t come undone again.  More about this later!

Our destination for this trip was Lafayette, Louisiana, joining the Ozark Ridge Runners for a Cajun Country Mardi Gras.  We arrived at our campground, Bayou Wilderness RV Resort, about noon, and after setting up, looked at the refrigerator door, and observed that the plastic hinge had broken.  We called Norcold, the manufacturer of the refrigerator.  Of course, the “voice” on the phone said to go to their website for the information needed.  Well, the RV park does not have WiFi, so thank goodness for the smart phone.  With a few button pushes using the Droid’s internet, a service company was found in Baton Rouge.  A call to them revealed that one cannot purchase just the hinge, but because it is part of a plastic frame around the entire door, we would have to purchase the entire refrigerator door; I didn’t even get upset or mad!  They also said it would take about 7 to 10 days to get it in, just about the time we’re leaving the area.  I looked up the location of a service center near where we live and found one at the local RV dealer.  The good ole boy verified the previous information, but said if we could wait, he might get in an inoperable refrigerator, and use the door off of it.  That’s customer service.  Meanwhile, we met other members of the RV club, and found 4 other couples from our home area.  One said he had had a similar problem, and pop riveted a piece of angle to the door, installed a nylon bushing, and it had worked just fine; sounds like a winner to me.  We will probably try that tomorrow afternoon.  One thing about RVing is you have to be flexible and a sense of humor helps.  The rest of the day was downhill.

We had a short club meeting, discussing the week’s activities.  For dinner, we opted for Prejeans, and it was very good, though a bit pricey.  We split the crawfish platter (what else!), and brought about half of it to the motor home.

Tomorrow, we travel to the Atchafalaya Basin for a swamp tour and crawfish lunch.  Gotta go and get some rest. 

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