Mayan Ruins – Costa Maya, Mexico

We sailed south, and slightly east, all yesterday and last evening, arriving this morning in Costa Maya, Mexico, on the north and east side of the Yucatan Peninsula.  Costa Maya is a relative new city, created primarily for passengers from cruise ships.  Consequently, most of the infrastructure is relatively new, and the area most visited is very commercial.IMG_1079JOURNAL

Upon arriving in Costa Maya, we visited all the tourist shops, had a Coke and appetizer at a local restaurant, and watched people from 3 different cruise ships wander through the small town. IMG_1081JOURNALThough Costa Maya offered snorkeling, beach time, and jeep tours, we opted to explore Mayan ruins.  A modern bus took us from the pier to the ruins, almost an hour west by highway, and our guide for the day, Sergios Puc, a young man of Mayan descent, presented a brief history of the Mayan culture in his limited English.  Neither of us knew what to expect, and as we entered the archeological site, we saw a Mayan pyramid, and assumed that it would be the centerpiece of the day’s exploration.  Restrooms at the site were modern and clean; we were off to a good start.  The Chacchoben archeological site is one of many found on the Yucatan Peninsula, and was, in fact, a small Mayan city.  We saw several pyramids, and what was once an open plaza surrounded by houses occupied by the wealthy.  We were impressed with the extent of site.IMGP3111JOURNAL

After the hot and humid afternoon, we returned to the Spirit, showered, and had an okay dinner.  After dinner, we enjoyed a Cirque de Soleil type show featuring an acrobatic couple from Moscow, Russia, both having been trained and performed in classical ballet; they were really good!  We adjourned to the Galaxy Lounge on the 12th floor to here a really funny comedian from Houston.  It has been a good day.

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