The Six State Rally is a Bit Disorganized

We had been looking forward to our breakfast, included in the rally fees.  We waited in line about ten minutes, only to find out that there were no more eggs or bacon, the biscuits were hard, and the gravy was thin—sounds like breakfast during the Great Depression!  (They also ran out of food at the First Timers meeting yesterday, and had a cavalier attitude about it as well.)  We made another quick walk through the vendors, then were off to attend a seminar only to find that the locations had been changed as many as three times, and the speakers were not provided with any audiovisual equipment—a sad state of affairs.  Consequently, we walked around a bit, then returned to the motorhome.

A large group from out Arkansas Travelers contingent returned to Horse Shoe Casino for the other “free” buffet meal, and the food was very good.

This evening’s entertainment consisted of a combination gospel/country western singer and his band.  He had performed on the Grand Ole Opry, Hee Haw, and other prominent venues, and was an easy listen.  Like last night’s entertainer, this group sang just a little too long for our taste.

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