Caravanning to Shreveport, LA

It’s time to move on down the road, as rodeo cowboys say.  After getting up and having a cup of coffee, we began readying the RV for traveling to the Six State Rally on the Red in Shreveport.  This included dumping and rinsing the black and gray tanks, filling the freshwater tank, removing the privacy cover on the windshield, and hooking up the auxiliary brake on the Saturn.  We lined up for the two-hour caravan to Shreveport—14 motor homes in all—to be joined by another upon arrival at the Louisiana State Fair fairgrounds in Shreveport.  We departed promptly around 9:30 AM, in a long procession, with just enough space between the motorhomes into which a passing car could find refuge.  It was an unlucky day for any traffic going the same route at the same time, though we traveled at 60+ MPH.  We arrived at the fairgrounds before noon, and obtained our parking spaces on the asphalt parking lot, complete with water and electric (had we known about the water, we would not have filled our freshwater tank).  Setting up was a breeze as we had a level spot.  Kay immediately sought out shrimp po’ boys for lunch.  As this was our first regional rally, we hurried to the exhibit hall only to find it blocked off, then Kay registered us as 1st Timers.  After naps, we joined several other club members for conversation, then went to dinner at  Herbie-K’s, a highly recommended joint, with two other couples.  We all had their famous Shrimp Buster which was among the worst fried shrimp we ever ate.  It had been pounded too thin and cooked too long, tasting more like breaded cardboard than shrimp, making Herbie-K’s a One Time Only restaurant.  Tired from travel, setting up, etc., we opted to spend the rest of the evening in the motorhome.

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