Sunday—Old Friends and High Church

Kay awoke this morning eager to meet old friends, Jo and Jim, from her Helena, AR, days in the early 1970s.  We drove to their house for coffee at 9 AM, then off to the old downtown Texarkana, AR, United Methodist Church for Sunday school and worship services.  The church was housed in the recently restored sanctuary; a fire had destroyed the old, historic sanctuary a few years ago, leaving the massive post and beam construction and nationally prominent stained glass in ruins.  The restoration was excellent as members said it had essentially had the same appearance as the old building.  The Sunday school class we attended was in a large room, and I was one of only two men without coat and tie; most were wearing suits.  The class was comprised of older members, much like the senior saints class at Twin Lakes Baptist Church.  The room was furnished much as an old Southern mansion, complete with grand piano and sitting room furniture, and eking of old money and affluence.  Having been used to the informality of Baxter County, we were culturally overwhelmed!  After Sunday school, we attended the church service, and it was the first time we had been to an authentic traditional service—what we call “high” church—in many years.  We immensely enjoyed the added ceremony with acolytes, organ, choir, bells, and children, and saw a lady with whom we attended St. James United Methodist Church in Little Rock; Arkansas is truly a small town state.

Following church, we ate lunch at Bryce’s cafeteria, a local favorite.  The afternoon was uneventful, and I prepared for the evening seminar on Picasa, Editing and Managing Your Photos, An Overview.


Dinner consisted of filet mignon, salad, garlic bread, and assorted desserts.  These RVers sure like to eat!

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