Goshen, IN, to Rend Lake, IL—Day 1 Returning Home

In order to make the 6:30 AM appointment with Jayco in Middlebury, IN, we arose early this morning, skipped coffee, and drove north about 15 minutes, passing several Amish buggies.  We were early, but after only a few minutes’ wait, the service center opened promptly on time, had coffee ready, and knew exactly who we were.  We left for a fruit plate at their version of Pancake House, returned, watched a bit of morning news, and the service manager advised us that nothing was wrong with the motorhome.  They did perform a thorough check, including pressure testing the water system, and did not charge us anything—another plus for Jayco.
We thanked him, connected the Saturn, and proceeded south towards home, arriving at Rend Lake about 4 PM where we had made advance reservations several days ago.  Rend Lake is a US Army Corps of Engineers impoundment in southern IL, and as typical of Corps campgrounds, was clean and neat.  We lucked out and had a site right on the water, with a cool breeze blowing to boot.  Life is good.

KAY’S TAKE:  We quickly set up camp by the lakeside and headed out to the nearest town.  I wanted some Bloody Marys.  We used to have either one of those or a screwdriver after travelling all day in our RV.  We gave them up after this severe dieting – alcohol calories are empty calories!  We made an exception, this time.  We also decided to eat at an Applebee’s.  They had a menu section called 550 calories or less.  There were some great selections, and we both chose the same thing – the peppercorn steak plate with fresh veggies.  It was wonderful – one of the best steaks I’ve had in a long time and just like I like it – medium rare.  The serving size looked like what ‘normal’ used to look like twenty years ago – not gargantuan like most servings are today.  What a treat!  Then we came back to the rig to chill out and sip our ‘marys’.  Life is good.  Just waiting for the water to heat up to cozy up to the shower.  Talked to several friends while traveling on the road today.  Good to hear from them.  

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